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~ Keeping a critical eye on Vatican 2 ~

~ Keeping a critical eye on Vatican 2 ~
It is granted to few to recognize the true Church amid the darkness of so many schisms and heresies,
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Saturday, February 1, 2014

!!! "‘The Church Universal Needs Anglicans’ "" !!!

 After 50 years of conciliar teaching and five progressivist 'Popes (John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI), most Catholics – lay and clerical - are oblivious to the fact that this kind of acceptance of false religions conflicts with the past teaching of the Catholic Church.

This new doctrine of tolerance for false religions conflicts with the prior Magisterium, which admitted no tolerance in obedience to the First Commandment of God. The teaching prior to Vatican II was clearly set forth, as seen in Mortalium animos (1928), the encyclical of Pope Pius XI on religious unity.

Will 'Pope' Bergoglio receive all Anglicans in the Catholic Church without asking for their conversion?

There he warned about the growing tendency of “pan-Christians who turn their minds to uniting the churches.” Although, he warned, they may seem to be pursuing “the noblest of ideas in promoting charity among all Christian,” it is not true charity because it injures the Faith. Indeed Pope Pius XI affirms:

“Since charity is based on a complete and sincere faith, the disciples of Christ must be united principally by the bond of one faith.

“Who then can conceive a Christian Federation, in which each member retains his own opinions and private judgment, even in matters that concern the object of faith, even though they be repugnant to the opinions of the rest?”

He concludes it is not possible for men who follow contrary opinions to belong to one and the same religion. It is impossible to receive in the Catholic Church those who do not profess the Catholic Faith.

Now, we have a 'Pope' who has affirmed that the Catholic Church, which he calls the Universal Church, needs to assimilate a heretical sect without asking its members to convert to the true Faith.

As Catholics, we cannot accept such a blatant contradiction with past teaching and denial of the one Faith and must resist any such an imposition on the faithful, even when that teaching comes from the highest authority of the Church.

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